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Elysium, 21/21

Title: Elysium
Criminal Minds
They thought that it was only going to be one night. They were wrong. An unexpected pregnancy leads Emily and Derek to reevaluate their lives.



Fourteen months later

It was decidedly warm for March, but not so warm that it felt like summer was coming three months early. All in all, a good day for a wedding.

Really, Emily would have been happy with a ten minute ceremony conducted by an Elvis impersonator, but there was a long list of people that wouldn’t let her get anywhere near Las Vegas. First off, there was her mother, who seemed to see it as her maternal duty to ensure, if not an extravagant wedding, then at the very least, an elegant one. Then, there was JJ and Garcia, both of whom seemed to be living vicariously through her, instead of addressing their own marital opportunities.

‘Doesn’t Mommy look pretty?’ Garcia gushed, bouncing the tuxedo-clad toddler on her knee. He didn’t say anything, but instead gave a wide smile – his father’s smile – in response.

‘Considering how much I spent on this dress, I damn well hope Mommy looks pretty,’ Emily said, exasperated. Six months ago, when they’d started planning the wedding, she had promised herself that she wasn’t going to turn into Bridezilla, but the stress had been a little more than she’d expected.

‘Trust me,’ JJ reassured her. ‘You look amazing.’

‘It’s the maid of honor’s duty to say that,’ Emily countered, brow wrinkled.

‘Excuse me,’ Garcia interjected. ‘Co-maid of honor.’

‘Yeah,’ Emily grinned. ‘Because we all know that the person who organized strippers for my bachelorette party was not JJ.’

‘Actually, you’d be surprised at how dirty Agent Jareau’s mind gets,’ Garcia said with a wink. ‘But I won’t spoil that pure, virginal image you have of her.’

Emily turned her attention back towards the full-length mirror in front of her. The dress was strapless, and almost entirely white, save for a band of black embroidery across the top. While the top half was fitted to the waist, the skirt of the dress was loose, but not too loose.

Bangs long since grown out, her hair was pinned to one side, curling against her shoulder. Since Garcia had forbidden her from sitting down, lest she crease the dress, Emily paced instead. While they’d been living together for almost eighteen months, she still felt nervous as hell.

A knock on the door startled her from her self-reflection.

‘Speak friend and enter,’ Garcia called out.

‘Miss Garcia, I hardly think I need a password,’ came the voice of Emily’s mother. Garcia’s face took on a look of horror as she straightened, and went to open the door. Emily bit back a laugh.

‘Who’s here, Chris?’

‘Gamma!’ the toddler answered excitedly, trying to squirm his way out of Garcia’s grasp, and into his grandmother’s.

‘I don’t think I’ll ever quite get used to being called that,’ Elizabeth said, as Garcia passed the boy over. It was a side of her mother that Emily had never quite seen before; her own childhood hadn’t exactly been the happiest, but the Ambassador had mellowed over the years. Her career was still important, but lately, she had been making the effort to spend time with her family. Emily appreciated that fact more than almost anything else in the world.

Almost anything, save for her son, and save for the man that she was going to marry.

The minutes ticked down faster than Emily cared; it felt like seconds later when she was standing at the end of the aisle, looking into Derek Morgan’s deep, dark eyes.

‘You look amazing,’ he whispered.

‘So do you,’ she smiled back. He was wearing a simple black tuxedo that seemed to just ooze sex. But it probably wasn’t a good idea to rip it off in front of over a hundred guests, including several foreign dignitaries.

His eyes twinkled. ‘I love you.’

‘Love you too.’

The priest cleared his throat, and Emily straightened. They couldn’t stand around trading declarations of love all day.

‘Sorry,’ she said, with a half laugh. ‘We’re ready.’

‘That’s quite alright,’ the priest said, and Emily was entirely sure that he was smirking.

Half-giddy with excitement, Emily barely heard the priest’s words as he spoke. All she heard was the word “vows,” at which point she realized that all eyes were on her.

‘Growing up, I lived in a lot of places, but none of them ever felt like home. The day I met Derek Morgan was my first day as a member of the Behavioral Analysis Unit. At first, I thought that they would be just another team; just another group of colleagues to have a beer with after work, but…they weren’t. They were more than just co-workers, or friends…they were family. Derek…has always been by my side, has always had my back, even before I knew I loved him. And now…now, I know that this is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with, who will always be by my side, who will always have my back…Who I will always love.’

Taking the ring from JJ, Emily slipped the ring onto his finger, and then bit her lip, stepping back slightly. Morgan was grinning, and the sight made her heart soar with joy.

‘I don’t think I can top that,’ he said, to general laughter from their assembled family and friends. ‘I’m not the greatest at…letting people in, or sharing my emotions in general, but there is one woman in the world, who somehow managed to open that lock, and show me what it was like to love someone with all of my heart. And I am a better man for it. For her. For our son.’ Reid passed Morgan a plain silver band that matched the one she had given him, and held her hand as he put it on. Once finished, he didn’t let go.

Emily was glad as hell that she was wearing waterproof mascara, because a tear had started to well at the corner of her eyes.

‘God, Derek, you’re gonna make me cry,’ she muttered. With his free hand, he wiped the tear away.

When they kissed, it was long, and deep, and passionate. Everything that the first kiss of a married couple should have been. Their relationship was not a traditional one by any means, but then, very little was anymore.

As they made their way to the back of the reception area, Emily caught Garcia blowing her nose, as she cried indiscriminately. Receiving congratulations took far longer than she had expected; while she loved her family and friends dearly, part of her was itching to skip forward to the reception. After the photographs, though, that was almost two hours later, by which point Emily was starving.

‘Can’t we just kidnap a waiter or something?’ she asked Derek. ‘I’m sure they’d understand.’ They were alone in the car – exhausted by the day’s events, a soundly sleeping toddler had been foisted off onto his grandparents.

‘No felonies,’ he instructed her. ‘I don’t want to have to act as your legal defense when I could be soaking up some rays, while drinking margaritas.’

‘Yeah, but wouldn’t that be so much more fun with a scantily-clad brunette rubbing lotion into your abs?’

He pretended to consider the thought for a moment. ‘You’ve convinced me,’ he grinned. ‘You can come.’

‘I damn well better be coming,’ she growled, playfully. ‘What kind of honeymoon would it be otherwise?’

‘A pretty boring one,’ he admitted. He pressed a kiss against her forehead. ‘Come on. Before we die of starvation.’

Food and drink flowed liberally, thanks to the Ambassador’s insistence on paying for the reception. The first thing Emily did was flag down a waiter carrying a tray of mini-quiches. As long as she could eat, she would have the energy to get through the rest of the night.

There were a lot of speeches.

One from every single member of the team, one from Morgan’s mother. Emily almost facepalmed when her father took the microphone, and said just ten words; ‘If you hurt her, they will never find the body.’ Thankfully, Morgan had the good graces to laugh, though Emily didn’t miss the hesitation.

After the speeches, came the cake. They held the knife together as they made the first cut.

‘Good cake,’ Emily murmured, as Morgan fed her the first bite. ‘Chocolate cake is the best cake.’

‘Not traditional, though.’

‘Not traditional,’ she admitted. ‘But it does help with the production of serotonin. Not to mention being an aphrodisiac.’

‘That’s unproven,’ he countered.

‘I think we should test it.’

‘I’m pretty sure any evidence we gathered tonight would be a little confounding, don’t you think?’

Emily gave a half-shrug. ‘I’m not really interested in the results, just the experiment.’

‘You think they’d noticed if we disappeared for half an hour?’

‘Probably,’ Emily said with a sigh. ‘Though I don’t think anyone will be too surprised if we go for a quickie in the bathroom.’

They didn’t, in the end, if only because Emily’s wedding dress was not conducive to cubicle sex. But in the end, they didn’t have to wait too much longer.

‘Hey, sleepyhead.’ Emily bent down and brushed her son’s cheek. His face contorted as he woke, clearly displeased at the fact. ‘I want you to be a good boy for Auntie Garcia tonight, okay? Daddy and I will come by in the morning to say goodbye before we go away.’

Big brown eyes started back at her, and for half a second, Emily considered cancelling their flights. Just for half a second. Chris blinked a few times, before promptly falling back asleep.

‘He’ll be grumpy when he realizes what’s going on,’ Emily warned Garcia. ‘Are you sure you’re okay with this?’

‘Having sole influence over my newest minion for a whole seven days?’ Garcia asked. ‘My dear Miss Emily, I couldn’t think of anything more devious.’

Emily gave Kevin a look. ‘I’m relying on you to make sure I don’t come home to some kind of supervillain, Kevin.’

‘I’ll do my best,’ Kevin assured her. Emily wasn’t entirely convinced.

Morgan’s car was waiting for them in the parking lot, having been driven there by Rossi earlier in the afternoon.

Single night in the Honeymoon Suite of a D.C. hotel, before flying out to Costa Rica in the afternoon. The first holiday either of them had taken in a long while, not to mention their first holiday together.

‘I was thinking that maybe we could order pizza and watch Fellowship of the Ring,’ he suggested. Emily gave him a look.

‘That was our first date.’ She frowned. ‘Well…the first time we slept together.’

‘That counts as a date,’ he assured her.

‘I think I’m horny enough without your convoluted seduction techniques, Derek Morgan.’ She sunk into his embrace, fingers undoing his bow-tie. ‘So shut up and take me to bed.’

Morgan smiled, and unzipped the back of her dress.

‘As you wish.’


Author’s Note: It’s been a very long journey. I originally started this story in August of 2009, in an attempt to write something that was 1) fluffier than my usual fare, and 2) novel length. Two years later, it’s finally done. It could not have been done without the support of three awesome people that provided support, feedback, and general motivation to get this done: windycitydream , yellowsmurf6 and arwen_lalaith , thank-you all for being completely and utterly awesome. Second round of thanks goes to the reviewers, whose loyalty and interest in this story have been paramount in its completion. Thank you all very much. Peace out.


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Well thank you for completing it!
I've been checking in on this story every now and again since chapter 6 I think.

I absolutely LOVE IT!
It is a well written story through and through.
The characterization is fantastic, and I love the journey of seeing how two people who are so emotionally damaged get together.

Sad to see it end, but looking forward to your next story.

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